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Iran arrests 230 young men and women in one night for drinking alcohol

Police in Iran detained 230 boys and girls at different parties in the capital Tehran on Thursday night. 

Iran's semi-official ISNA news agency reported on Friday, that officers arrested 140 of the young partygoers in a garden on the outskirts of Tehran and 90 in the city's uptown while dancing and drinking alcohol.

The report said some participants posted an invitation to others to join on Instagram and police arrested them.

According to Islamic law in Iran, drinking alcohol and usual parties are illegal and considered a sin.

ISNA also revealed that some alcoholic beverages and psychotropic drugs were confiscated.

The latest arrests come months after six young people were detained in Iran for promoting Zumba dance exercises, in the town of Shahroud, about 250 miles east of Tehran.

The suspects were said to have published videos of Zumba moves and exercises on social networks, encouraging young women to take off their Islamic head-covering in public places. 

And under the Islamic law, women in Iran are required to cover their hair and avoid figure-hugging attire. 

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